Can I Lie About My Three Months Notice Period: Short Employment Post

Can I Lie About My Three Months Notice Period

Many of job seekers are worried about their official Notice Period, which is not less than three months.

The question arises, why three months of notice period? Three months of the notice period is all about discouraging employees to make a switch.

Otherwise, one month of the notice period is more than enough for any knowledge transfer.

I come to know about many employees who are so pestered and disturbed that they put down the papers to come out of this maze.

Quitting a job without securing a job is not a wise decision at all. This may lead job seekers to impending frustrations.

Because finding a good job has never been an easy task. No matter, how skilled and experienced you are, finding a new job is a frustrating task.

So can I lie to my recruiter about my three months notice period?

The answer is- No. But wait, there are a few legitimate tricks that can work for you.

You can always tell your recruiters about your official notice period of three months.

But, notice periods are generally negotiable and also depend upon current projects and rapport with managers.

Tell your recruiter: my official notice period is three months, but is negotiable. I would try to come out within two months.

So, prepare yourself on the notice period and try to find out those points that can help you convince your recruiters or interviewers about your shorter notice period than three months.

Also, most recruiters, before calling, know that you or your company may have three months notice period constraints.

If they’ve called you, then it generally means that they can take a chance with your notice period of three months.

Again the question arises, what if I am unable to reduce my notice period even after lots of efforts.

The answer is, companies generally don’t withdraw or cancel offer later just because you are failing to come out within promised time.

Hiring is a tiring process, and company can wait for a few more days, say thirty extra days, to see you aboard.


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