The Interview Etiquettes That Can Make or Break Your Career


The corporate world still preserves some basic manners and etiquettes of the interview and its processes.

We may not like these set norms, but to succeed in the interviews we got to follow them.


I remember one interesting interview that I had attended with a consultancy firm a few years ago for a recruiter position.

The interview was going all well; I was able to answer all those questions asked to me.

Everything was going just perfect. And then, she said, “Zafar, you have to come again tomorrow to meet the hiring manager, as you are not in the formal.”

I was left aghast. What! Are you kidding me! I was wearing a fine white shirt and the blue jeans with formal shoes.

I still think that she didn’t do the right thing to me, but friends, this is how things are in the corporate world.

We have to follow those norms, if we don’t, things would be difficult.

I didn’t attend the interview next day, by the way. You know, I love my jeans.



So, you see how I lost an opportunity, just because I was not wearing my trousers.

Your freedom to wear whatever you want doesn’t work here. You will wear what they approve.

Though the time is changing, and some of the offices have started accepting the casuals.

But, when it comes to the interviews, I would always suggest wearing formals.

Because, an interview is a onetime prospect.



You may not notice, but your body language and the sitting posture are being watched.

You got to be attentive and you look alert. Being too lean or too tight can also spoil your game.

Put your hands on the table or on the arm chair, and do not sit cross-legged.

Keep an eye on your body movement, especially the movements of your hands and fingers.

Some of the gestures can transmit negative vibes.

But, you cannot sit like a robot too. There are some hand and finger movements that can show your influencing personality and attitude.

There many articles and books on body languages, but all you need to understand is that you should try to be alert and avoid any silly body movement.



Not just the freshers, but even the experienced candidates get trapped with the silly things they say.

Well, in interviews we are supposed to talk and converse.

In this process of talking some silly words or sentences do come out, that we regret later.

Generally, these silly things are ignored by the interviewers, but not all interviewers ignore them.

So, let’s be careful of things we say that may sound silly or stupid.

The trick is not to say a thing which you may or may not regret when you recall those moments later.



The interview process is a very social practice.

We should look good, and behave well.

Our handshakes and smiles should characterize our social-ness in the interviews.

A too weak or too strong handshake can communicate a lot about your manners and attitude.

A sweet smile can also say a lot about your goodness.

Your appearance should represent your kindness, decency, righteousness, integrity and most importantly your alacrity.

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