Tell Me About Yourself: And Some Other Basic Interview Questions & Answers

  • Interviewer: So, Mr. ABC, please tell me something about yourself.


Interviewee: Well, my full name is ABC. I am 25 years old. I’m an engineering graduate in Computer Science.

I completed my graduation in 2012. I did it from Punjab Technical University.


After my graduation, I, unfortunately, lost a year. In this period I prepared for government jobs and worked as a faculty at a local coaching institute.


Then I got an opportunity from Infosys for Software Tester position. I’ve been working there for about 2 years now.


I would also like to give some information on my background. I’m from Bihar. My father is a high school teacher.


My mother decided to work as a homemaker. I got a younger brother who is about to finish his +2.

And, my elder sister lives in Mumbai with her husband and kids.


Note: in this segment of ‘tell me about yourself’ we are supposed to give some inputs on our educational qualification, job experience, and challenges in employment.


In western countries, it is not considered wise to give any information on our family or financial background for people there are quite conscious about their privacy.


Unfortunately, in India, our interviewers don’t mind getting some private information for their security or assurance.


  • Interviewer: So, why are your quitting Infosys and looking out for new job opportunities?


Interviewee: I must admit that Infosys gave me a great platform to kick-start my career and it also gave me an opportunity to learn and work on new technologies.


After working for two years, I feel like I should explore other opportunities that will suit my experience, thus I would be able to learn new skills as well.


Also, I understand that this organization (the company where one is attending the interview) is a leader in cloud & virtualization domain.


This domain is the present and the future. One must be ready for new technologies and one must keep oneself updated on these new skills.


Thus, I suppose, it is the right time for me to make a change.


  • Why Should We Hire You?


Well, I should be hired because I beliave my experience and the technical skills suit the current requirment.


I’ve worked on the similas projects and domains. Also, my qualification and the certifications add to skills that should help me acheive the goals.


Here I can, by joining you, enhance the productivity and bring benefits to the organiztion/department.


I have proved myself before, I’m positive that I will prove myself here as well.


Interviewer: That’s enough for me. Do you have any question to ask?


Interviewee: Hmm…no, sir. As of now, I do not have any question or any doubt to be cleared. Thank you for asking, though.


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