Tata Consultancy Services Talent Development– Facilitator Evaluation sheet (AA). Brand Me.


Tata Consultancy Services

Talent Development– Facilitator Evaluation sheet (AA).

Brand Me.



  • Basic Details:


Twitter  | Linkedin | Blog/Website : http://www.firaqzafar.com

  • Little about me


  • Who am I?

I think, I’m an amateur philanthropist. All I want to see is a peaceful, prosperous and well-educated society. I also advocate social justice for all in our society. Helping and making others happy is a satisfying experience for me.

On my personal front: I love art & literature, nature, critical cinema. I also love writing and reading blogs on various topics. I guess, strolling in the wilderness is a heavenly experience for me.

On my professional front: I’ve been a recruiter for about 4 years, mostly in Bangalore. I still work as a remote (from Patna) recruitment consultant. I also volunteer at some small coaching institute in Patna as a communication skills trainer. Since I’ve part of Recruitment & Human Resources Industry, I also educate students on the subjects such as soft skills, interview skills, career guidance.


  • Top three facilitation trends/ patterns I am noticing

In my opinion, the three facilitation trends that I’m noticing are 1.) Online Learning, 2.) Skill Based Education, and 3.) Remote Services.

I’ll give the credit to our faster, cheaper and easily accessible internet services. I, myself, am a beneficiary of remote service. I, being in Patna, connect myself to my remote office in Bangalore and offer my services with full efficiency.


  • What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

The most spontaneous thing that I can remember as of now is the moment when I had prepared a speech for my boss in an hour’s time. My boss commenced the client-meeting with the same speech. Later, he had appreciated me for my promptness. There were some other moments when I had done some quick ‘damage control’ through my creative email writing skills.


  • My friend says this about me?

My friend thinks I’m a creative person. He also appreciates me for my English skills, despite the fact that I’m still a student and learner of English language.


A few years back I had submitted some of my articles on ezinearticles.com, an online database of quality articles, but they got rejected for my poor punctuation and the article (a, an, the) knowledge. The very next day I bought some books on proper punctuation usage, and I improved a lot on this subject. Also, I got my articles approved for the online publication.


  • If you come to my training session you would experience the following 3 unique aspects:

The three unique aspects that you’d experience in my training sessions are: Confidence Building, Creative thinking, and Career Counselling.


  • Most significant accomplishment I am proud of:

The most significant accomplishment I’m proud is on-time delivery in my recruitment career. I’ve placed some IITians and NITians in R&D division of various IT companies in Bangalore.


  • Last three books that I enjoyed.

The Magic of Thinking Big, The White Tiger, The Man Eater of Kumao


  • If you were to pick up one voluntary job, what would it be?

Wildlife Conservationist, I suppose.


  • Most humbling experience

The most humbling experience comes from my professional ground. I feel great when some of my candidates call me to say thanks for placing them at the right place.


  • The organization with whom you have a major training contract is undergoing severe cost cutting measures and several departments are being made redundant, including L & D. If this happens, you will lose this very valuable contract. How would you convince the organisation as to why the L & D department should not be shut down?

I’d try to convince the organization that L&D department might not be a profitable division of any company, but it is the best department to pay our dues towards our society and most importantly our country.



III. (Design questions)


  • Suggest design solutions to solve the following real world problems


  • Make young adults read more Reading more is an enlightening experience which helps in our understanding of our basic as well as constitutional rights in society. We have some great examples in our rural areas where educated people are more respected and have a better understanding of future planning.
  • Convince young people to make long term investments





  • A group of tea-plantation workers have been relocated from their village due to terrorist threats and have been employed at a leading hotel chain in the city close by. As the training manager in the hotel, how will your approach for a training session of “Customer Centricity” be different for this?


In my opinion, we would need to educate the villagers about the importance of the ‘customer centricity’ in today’s consumeristic world where customer or the buyer is the decider of our organization’s success of failure.  In today’s consumeristic world a consumer must feel that he has been treated royally. Satisfied customers are the best propagators of any organization. A representative might interact with hundreds of customers, but a customer interacts only with one representative. And this has be a the lasting experience for a customer.





  • Adaptability Skills


  • Your laptop was stolen on the way to the Engineering College, where you were supposed to do a session on pre-placement grooming. You decide to use stories instead to bring out the message. What are the stories (briefly) you would use to teach them about the concepts of:


Self-Confidence 1:


The best story I can think of is from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) where Chris Garner (Will smith) attends a very important interview in ragged dresses. He was worried about his appearance; he thought a lot about many excuses, but finally decided to tell the truth with the CONFIDENCE that he had spent a night in jail for failing to pay the parking bills. This way he immensely impressed his interviewers with his confidence level.


Importance of Communication:

Today the world we live in is called IT (Information Technology) age. Information is nothing but a fine-tuned version of communication. Communication is everything, and is everywhere. Every job we do is about exchange of communication.



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