The Idea of Fake Experience In Your Resume: How Does This Affect Your Career?

The Idea of Fake Experience In Your Resume How Does This Affect Your Career

It does sound harsh and illogical when recruiters say that they cannot hire you, because you don’t have any job experience. And then, you start getting some ideas.

No one prefers to hire a fresher or an unexperienced (with no … Continue Reading

My Thoughts And Notes On Surviving Corporate Life Like A Boss

office life


Well, it’s not a funny subject to talk about.

I’ve worked under many such bosses, and you are reading this because most probably you also have got yourself in a … Continue Reading

How To Arrange Successful Meetings and Interviews

how to arrange meeting and interviews


I see many interview no-shows across the clients off late, while sometimes it could be an issue of the individual, but mostly it is due to wrong timing, & below average scheduling skills.


Do take some time to … Continue Reading

How to Quit Smoking Without Emotional Stress

how to quit smoking

Thousands of youngsters hold their first cigarette as they join their first day at the office. Millions have tuned into chain smokers just because of their corporate lifestyle. Perhaps, it’s time we should quit.


I have … Continue Reading

Stupid, Meaningless and Cruel Rules that Turn Offices into Torture Houses

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There are some energetic managers and bosses who like to make new rules just for the sake of making new rules. I just don’t get it. Some rules are stupid as hell, and some are just to bother employees for Continue Reading