A Recruiter’s Guide: Tips For Job Search for Freshers

A Recruiter’s Guide: Tips For Job Search for Freshers

The process of job search is, indeed, frustrating. Sometimes, it becomes even more frustrating because of the wrong approach and the poor style of job hunting.

Fake consultancy firms and fraudsters add to this frustration. But, thankfully job market is … Continue Reading

My Thoughts And Notes On Surviving Corporate Life Like A Boss

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Well, it’s not a funny subject to talk about.

I’ve worked under many such bosses, and you are reading this because most probably you also have got yourself in a … Continue Reading

Stupid, Meaningless and Cruel Rules that Turn Offices into Torture Houses

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There are some energetic managers and bosses who like to make new rules just for the sake of making new rules. I just don’t get it. Some rules are stupid as hell, and some are just to bother employees for Continue Reading

How to Become A Good Manager Or A Team Leader

How to Become a good manager or a leader

A time comes in our career when we get a chance to become a manager or to lead a team. This time is one of the most important times of our corporate life, and we got to be serious about … Continue Reading

How to Deal with Bossy Colleagues

How to Deal with Bossy Colleague

We face many challenges after joining a new company. One of those challenges is facing the alienating and aggressive behavior of the old employees.

Even in general, we confront many bossy or dictating colleagues. We will have to face them,

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