How to Survive Corporate World and Office Life

Let’s accept the fact that surviving corporate life has never been easy for anyone. Corporate life can affect your personal life and mental health in a negative way if it’s not dealt with wisely.

If you have ever cried in your office because of your work or someone’s action, then things have to be changed immediately.



It is the third time Mohan, my good colleague, is about to be fired. He’s a good person – loyal and hardworking, of course. But, he is about to be fired again. Well, he has informed only me about this “firing business” of his.

He blames his fate and the circle of Karma for all this mess. He may decide upon visiting a temple and making offerings to gods. But, is it going to help? No, of course, no!

Having faith in God and the circle of Karma is a good thing, but in this world of cut-throat competitions save your Faith and Karma only for life hereafter.

So, how can Mr. Mohan come out of the vicious circle of Karma or his feeble faith in God which keeps him on the verge of being fired?


  • Come out of your emotions at office

I myself am a sentimental person. Being an emotional person is not bad unless it is a medical condition; in fact, they (emotional people) are good human beings who care a lot.

But, keeping too much of feelings can mess up your personal life. You can shed tears while watching TV shows, you can also feel sorry or even cry on mass killings in wars, you can feel pity for the poor homeless kids; but don’t let it come outside your bedroom.

Emotions or feelings can turn out to be a double-edged sword in offices, so play carefully. Precisely, you can say sorry but don’t suffer it. Apologize but don’t bring out awful feelings.


  • Don’t complain much at office

If you think you are a grown-up person, then don’t complain about the office environment or the conducts of others unless it is very necessary.

Your rivals always wish you to be a complainer. Your boss doesn’t like complainers at all. They are so annoying.

Though your boss may say that keep bringing out your problems and the problems of others, because he likes to keep himself well-informed about the office environment.

So, if you have any issue with anybody or anything, just don’t run to your manager, try to solve it personally.

And you should also be careful of complainers, for they can wreak havoc on your job and career. If you are wise enough, you should try to keep complainers closer.


  • You can’t escape your job

Well, you know it already. You bring whatever you can – hard work or smart work – but do your job. Your achievement will always speak on your behalf in any crumbling situation.


  • Be Mr. Punctual

Surviving corporate life requires military discipline. If you are not on time, fingers will be pointed at you. You will be branded as a spoiler, and your manager or boss doesn’t like it.


  • Avoid earning tags in office


Mr. Spoiler, Drama Queen, Bad Boy, Revolutionist, Mr. No, Mr. Rude, Lover Boy, Psycho, Sycophant, etc., are the few tags that every employee should always try to avoid. Your inner voice or sense is the best guard against these tags.


  • Keep “fire” anxiety at bay

Handling “Fire” Anxiety depends upon your personality and the emotions you carry. Some people handle it carefully – not everyone.

The best way to keep anxiety at bay is to involve yourself and your spare time in your hobbies. Execute plans of doing your dream job in your mind. Don’t leave your dreams, ever.

Well, I’ve hinted at my good colleague Mr. Mohan about these points. Wish him good luck if you like.


So, the mantra of corporate survival is: stay cool in whatsoever situation.


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