Stupid, Meaningless and Cruel Rules that Turn Offices into Torture Houses

There are some energetic managers and bosses who like to make new rules just for the sake of making new rules. I just don’t get it. Some rules are stupid as hell, and some are just to bother employees for no good reasons.


The rules are supposed to bring positive changes in the office environment. Rules can also improve the performance of employees, and the outcome as a whole. I have seen newly made rules brining positive results in terms of performance and the employee’s happiness.


Happiness is one of the most important factors that should be considered before making a new rule. If employees are not happy with the new rule, then that rule is going to die its natural death.


We all know what happens to the rules that eventually get overlooked by the employees over a certain period of time. The rules die out. And the bosses try to pretend like they are just unaware of things happening around.


It is time to go democratic. I believe it is the time bosses should adopt voting system in making the rule; of course, employees should be the voters, not the members of the management team.


Well, I am going to point out those stupid and outrageous rules that our bosses generally make to annoy their employees.


  1. Dress Code:


I have seen employees being the victim of harassment, embarrassment and humiliation in offices just because of this stupid rule. This rule is not even stupid, it’s disgusting. Well, uniforms are different things. Employees sign the docs that make wearing uniforms mandatory before joining the organization. But, what is this when bosses force their employees to wear tie from 9 to 6 in front of their desktops!


If not attending meetings, forums, or seminars, the formality or the compulsion of wearing formal dresses should go. If the employees are more relaxed in their jeans, t-shirts and sport shoes, they will certainly give better results. It is a basic psychology.


  1. No Valid Leave without Approval:


This is a sick rule, man. Managers and bosses should be aware of the leaves taken by the workers, but making approval mandatory is sick. I see guys (who take a leave only in case of emergency) sweating, running and persuading their seniors just to get their leaves approved. This makes me sad. This is upsetting.


Of course, employees should be serious about the leaves they take, or the job they skip. There should be proper leave management from the both sides, but there shall not be exploitation when someone seriously needs leaves.


Once we had received an office memo which read: Leaves are not employees’ right. Just, wow!


  1. Reach Target or Get Penalized:


There are some rules like deducting salary, stopping salary, holding incentives, deducting leaves, etc, for not meeting the assigned target. My friend works at a warehouse of one of the largest mobile phone makers. Warehousing requires lots of numeric management for sure.


I came to know the rule cruel as f—k rule which penalizes every daily wage earner for the loss of an item: they deduct from the wages and salaries! Sick!


  1. Meetings for Everything:


Meetings are wonderful tools, if conducted wisely. But seven out of ten meetings have no meanings.

There was a manager who used to call meetings whenever he felt like preaching. Like, he gets revelations from God. It is nothing but the waste of time. It also interrupts employees from doing something important.

The meetings become funny when bosses ask employees to open up about the challenges and issues they face in the office. Now, there is an unwritten rule of the meeting rooms among the employees: don’t open your mouth, or become a laughing stock.


  1. Each Other’s Feedback:


The manager who makes this rule is not a smart one. Making such rules is like encouraging politics and strains in the office environment. It is not just meaningless, but also deteriorating.


  1. Not Issuing Relieving Letters:


This is one of the crooked tactics managers use to stop employees from leaving the company.


Assigning specific time period, project completion or target achievement to get a formal exit from the company is just cheap as sh—t. In some cases, the salary goes on hold, as soon as the employee writes the resignation mail.


  1. Curbs on Breaks for Launch and Loo:


Hungry employees are sleepy employees. Let the employee eat when he or she feels hungry. If you being a boss can’t do this, at least, don’t try to control their washroom related urgencies.

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