The Idea of Fake Experience In Your Resume: How Does This Affect Your Career?

It does sound harsh and illogical when recruiters say that they cannot hire you, because you don’t have any job experience. And then, you start getting some ideas.

No one prefers to hire a fresher or an unexperienced (with no experience) guy for a job. This sounds logical, though. A guy with working experience brings the needed skills and the trust with himself. This boost the confidence of an employer that intends to hire him.

But with unexperienced guys, things are different and different as well. They don’t hire them even for a lower salary.

It is very important to understand why employers don’t prefer unexperienced guys or freshers.

First, the fact is fact. The unexperienced guys need to be trained for a job. This training costs time and money. Even after the training, there is no guarantee that the trainee would be productive on the job.

Second, the unexperienced guys at the job are almost ‘stupid’. They do silly things, they think silly things, they say (complain) silly things. For them, their job is always secondary. No stereotyping here.

Third, they are not as productive. The world is a competitive world. The bosses always hate the less productive guys. Sometimes, they throw the less productive guys out.


Almost everyone, at a certain stage, has come across this idea of ‘fake experience’ to boost his/her chances of employment.

Well, it does work sometimes. Sometimes it fires back. And most of the time it creates fear, anxiety and a stressful life.

Remember, finding out a fake experience or certificate in your resume is very simple. ‘Experienced’ recruiters can spot it easily. This is what they specialize in. But, sometimes they may fail also.

If a recruiter spots your fake job experience in your resume, while an interview, he would nicely quit the discussion. They would block all your chances of applying again in the same company.

The big companies have got huge databases, investigative agencies and other tools to deal with the menace of fake job experience. They’ll, definitely catch you sooner or later.

The idea of fake job experience is a bad idea, we ‘should’ always avoid it. But we must avoid it while applying with reputed or well known organizations.

They (the big organizations) may also call the law if they sense a threat to their privacy & security, just because of your fake job experience or certificate.


I have noticed that the fake job experience tricks have got its chances with smaller companies. The companies that are not packed with investigative agencies and have limited human resources may fail in catching the fake ones.

Even smaller organizations, today, are smart enough to protect themselves from the fake experienced guys.

They may not have those facilities that bigger and reputed organizations enjoy, but it never means that it is always easy to dupe smaller companies with fake experience.



The idea of fake experience fails badly most of the time. When you present yourself as an experienced guy, the company expects good performance from you. When you don’t perform you fail, basically.

Fake experience destroys your peace, and makes your career shakey. It also brings fear, anxiety and an unhappy lifestyle.

Moreover, to substantiate your false experience, you spend many sleepless night forging documents, spending time and money on creating ‘website’, and lying at various occasions.

You always fear that someone will divulge your secrets someday. Guys with fake experience also complain about having bad dreams.

Remember: when they catch you, your career and dreams are destroyed.

If you’ve still been using this ‘fake experience’ in your resume, make a way to remove it next time you apply with a new company.


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