Should I Buy Royal Enfield Motorcycles- NO! NO! NO! Never

This blog post is going to hurt many. But it is my duty to educate people about the truth. More importantly, I am going to educate and guide those guys who are planning to buy Royal Enfield motorcycles.


The reason Indian guys are obsessed with Royal Enfield is quite obvious. The reason is: our (youngsters’) upbringing.  And the Inferiority Complex is the biggest factor of upbringing. Yes, as I said earlier, this post is going to hurt many.


Since I am not a professional blogger, I’m free to talk about Royal Enfield motorcycles and the way they have degenerated our minds.


So, because of our upbringing (marred with inferiority complex and hatred) Royal Enfield manufacturers are exploiting our emotions and money.


The Royal Enfield motorcycles that I have tested well are:  RE Thunderbird 500 & RE Classic 350


After spending lots of time with these two motorcycles, I seriously started started thinking: why the hell we Indians are crazy about these motorcycles.

royal enfield
royal enfield

There are numerous of disadvantages and drawbacks, these motorcycles have.



Poor Engines:


What the hell wrong with the manufacturer of Royal Enfield! In the name of keeping legacy and protecting heritage you just cannot give low quality products the customers.


These old fashioned engines are not just bulky, but they represent and promote backwardness of science and engineering.


These engines are leaky and noisy and shaky, and nobody cares about is. Why! Just to keep the legacy and protect the heritage.


Royal Enfield’s 350cc engines as powerful as 150cc of Yamah’s or Suzuki’s. Plus, they (Royal Enfield Engines) and leaky, noisy and shaky. The 500cc engines have got no logic, at least for Indian roads.



Poor Mileage:


When we talk to the owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles about the mileage, the act like: dude, it’s Royal Enfield and if you ride Royal Enfield you don’t care about the mileage.


Hypocrisy! This is another factor which influences our upbringing. I say: dude, don’t talk sh–t to me.



Poor or No Features:


What! Royal Enfield motorcycles don’t have fuel indicator and fuel meters! It just makes me go crazy. I can understand we didn’t have these basic technologies back then. But, dude, you can’t befool people in the name of keeping legacy.


The tough & uncomfortable seats are installed to kiss the riders’ a**** or what!



Shakes and Breaks:


These motorcycles keep shaking and breaking while riding; and you say you like it. These motorcycles don’t start if we keep them static for a little longer period. Nuts and bolts and various small parts fall on roads on longer drives.  Give me a break! Your stupid heritage & legacy!

royal enfield
royal enfield








Advantages of Royal Enfield motorcycles:


Get the hell out of here!




So, why we Indians are obsessed with Royal Enfield motorcycles?


Apart from those inferiority complex issues that compel us to go for a Royal Enfield, we are also the victims of Emotional Marketing.


We Indians are the greatest victims of emotional marketing.


We Indians easily get emotionalized in the name of country, religion, faith, honour, and culture etc. If you can convince that the particular product is good for the nation or religion or culture, you will dominate the market in India.


Royal Enfield is successfully taking advantages of these factors of emotional marketing. Royal Enfield was an English motorcycle maker. Since, they could not sell more motorcycles in America and Europe; they sold it to an Indian buyer.


Listen to this: an Indian guy bought the whole English company!


Now it became a matter of honour for we Indians. We Indians got to keep this honour, and to protect his honour we got to buy ‘Indian’ motorcycle.


We don’t care about the fact that Royal Enfield was sold because American and Europeans don’t care about motorcycles in this age.


They consider motorcycles unsafe, pollutant, irritant and noisy. They have moved on to cars.



Why Royal Enfield Owners Don’t Regret and Complain?


Because these ‘honoured’ owners are the victim of illusions. They will go to any level to protect their honour which resides in their motorcycles.


Most importantly: They cannot let the world know that they got fooled after spending on one of the costliest motorcycles in India.


By the way, I want to ask these owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles that if you guys don’t care about mileage and cost of the bike then why you don’t buy Harley Davidson or Indian Motorcycle.

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