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Why do you consider yourself as a suitable candidate for the above mentioned recruiter post in Bharat Headhunters Pvt Ltd? (Describe in 300 words).


Answer: I believe, I’ve relevant experience and skills related prerequisites for the role mentioned in the JD. I have about 5 years of experience in recruitment, IT & NON-IT alike. After spending about five years in this field, I have acquired fluent knowledge of recruitment and its processes which include: sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews and bringing on board.

I would also like to add something more about my career graph which will help me to convince my suitability for this requirement. I started my career with ABC Consultants where I exclusively recruited Freshers through job portals, educational institutions and college campuses. We mostly hired for companies like Wipro, Infosys, and Mindtree. Then, I moved to XYZ Consultant where I played a greater role which included taking entry lever interviews, and communicating with HR departments of giant R&D companies like Akamai, Ariba, EMC, PayPal etc. I still associate with this organization and working from home currently for a specific time.

My last association was with MetaOption Software where I enjoyed working exclusively for internal requirements of IT and NOT-IT staffs. I took care of end-to-end recruitment for Patna and Noida location.

I had a look at Bharat Headhunter‘s profile on the internet, and read the JD shared by you. I find this organization a very successful and a leading organization in recruitment services, Education, Job, Internship and Immigration Consultancy. This is the place I would like to see my career at. I suppose, working for Bharat Headhunter will be healthier for my career prospect as well as my communication skills, as here, I suppose communication is the key.


  1. If you face any problem in your current organization then mention it and also mention how would you solve the problem and benefit the company? (Describe it below in 300 words).


Since I’ve been part of recruitment department for 5 years, I’m quite familiar with the process and the work style. I don’t see any specific problem in my current organization, as of now, though I would like to bring it to notice to my seniors as well as I’ll communicate with my peers.

Anyway, facing problems and challenges is the part of every profession, and I strongly believe every problems and issues can be solved by promoting internal communication and meetings. Sometimes we would need to be candid to our problems and issues otherwise they may bring down our production and work efficiency.

  1. How many candidates you can recruit for Bangalore office only for sales per month

I have been asked this question many a time in my interviews. There might be some great answers to this question, but in my opinion, no one can tell how my positions could be closed at a specific time. The theory of probabilities, I suppose, doesn’t work here. It completely depends upon the job market, job profile, the brand image of a company and the efficiency of the recruitment team.

The efficiency of the recruitment team and a recruiter is very important here. If I talk about myself and my sourcing style, I prefer ‘go get them’ attitude after putting my ‘Boolean Search’. There should be no hesitation while dialling a candidate’s number and speaking to him in detail.

To be specific about how many candidates can be recruited for sales in a month, I suppose we would need to sit together, and work on a set strategy. Setting goals for per recruiter would be a great idea, which shall motivate each other’s to work towards the goal.


Thank You!

Zafar A


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