Project Manager, Program Manager and Portfolio Management: In Short


Projects: Project management is the process that helps projects achieve their objectives. (example from IT Industry: Srishti Singh Handles one Project – Xenapp product division in Citrix).
A project manager coordinates and makes sure that the project is delivered on time as prescribed by the client.


Programs: A program is a group of related or similar projects managed in a coordinated way to get the benefits and control. Example : Sharath Kumar: Manages multiple projects in Citrix– all are product divisions, and srishti is part of Sharath’s team.
A program manager role is to builds the strategy  and meeting the goals on business perspective.


Portfolio: Portfolio refers to a group of related or non-related projects or programs. Example: Gopal Krishnan: manages all the programs related or non-related, across clients. All AMs who handle different types of clients reports to Gopal.

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