The Interview Etiquettes That Can Make or Break Your Career

The Interview Etiquettes that can make or break your career


The corporate world still preserves some basic manners and etiquettes of the interview and its processes.

We may not like these set norms, but to succeed in the interviews we got to follow them.


I remember one interesting … Continue Reading


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The successful companies around the globe are being run by their efficient and smart employees.


Employees are the real assets, they say. They say it right. But, who bring these employees together in a company? The answer is: the … Continue Reading

The Idea of Fake Experience In Your Resume: How Does This Affect Your Career?

The Idea of Fake Experience In Your Resume How Does This Affect Your Career

It does sound harsh and illogical when recruiters say that they cannot hire you, because you don’t have any job experience. And then, you start getting some ideas.

No one prefers to hire a fresher or an unexperienced (with no … Continue Reading

A Recruiter’s Guide: Tips For Job Search for Freshers

A Recruiter’s Guide: Tips For Job Search for Freshers

The process of job search is, indeed, frustrating. Sometimes, it becomes even more frustrating because of the wrong approach and the poor style of job hunting.

Fake consultancy firms and fraudsters add to this frustration. But, thankfully job market is … Continue Reading

Is UM Renegade Commando The Ultimate Cruiser Motorcycle

UM Renegade Commando

I’m an uncertified connoisseur of motorcycles, and I say UM Motorcycle is the future. For me the specification of a motorcycle comes later, it is the appearance of a motorcycle I communicate with first.

When I saw the matte green … Continue Reading