BSNL Unlimited 3G review

I’m an IT recruiter, and I heavily depend upon wireless internet services as I mostly operate from home or some remote areas. I also love to write and blog, which makes my reliability on internet almost indispensable. Unexpectedly, BSNL unlimited

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Mistakes in Resumes That Software Engineers Make

mistakes in resume


You might be a dashing software engineer who plays with coding and knows more than expected.


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How To Attend Interviews In Casuals And Get Away With It

How Should Be My First Day At Office

Let’s acknowledge that attending interviews is a boring, tedious, tiresome, and an uncomfortable work. And this is why we all have at least once lied to an annoying recruiter about our presence in the interview.


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Should I Become A Recruiter | Career in Consultancy Firms

Career as recruiter

To be honest, no one in India plans his/her career to become a recruiter. No one aspires to become a recruiter in India.

Career As A Recruiter In A Consultancy Firm In India

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How to Deal with Bossy Colleagues

How to Deal with Bossy Colleague

We face many challenges after joining a new company. One of those challenges is facing the alienating and aggressive behavior of the old employees.

Even in general, we confront many bossy or dictating colleagues. We will have to face them,

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