Life In Phulwari Sharif

If we avoid being poetic, the future of Phulwari Sharif is not very certain. Very high unemployment rate, poorly shaped industries, migration of youth are a few major challenges being faced by the city.


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Best Horror Movies to Watch : World Cinema

best horror movies

List of Best Horror Movies Around the Globe

Despite being liked by all, we don’t see many horror-movie releases every year. From a director’s point of view making a horror film is always a double … Continue Reading

Seven Reasons To Watch Breaking Bad: If Never Watched Before

reasons to watch breaking bad

In critics opinions: Breaking Bad is undoubtedly the best TV Series of the 21st century, defeating Game Of Thrones.


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How America Was Created | American History Through Movies

american history

Best Movies To Understand American History & Culture

The history of America starts with a mere struggle to survive and thrive. The very struggle of survival is the core of American culture and its future. … Continue Reading

The Others (2001) | Horror (Supernatural) Movie

The Others 2001

Movie Review | The Others (2001) | Horror (Supernatural)

It has always been tough to make a good horror movie. Even some of the seasoned filmmakers and directors disappoint us poorly; sometimes they produce us

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