How to Deal with Bossy Colleagues

How to Deal with Bossy Colleague

We face many challenges after joining a new company. One of those challenges is facing the alienating and aggressive behavior of the old employees.

Even in general, we confront many bossy or dictating colleagues. We will have to face them,

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How To Make Friends at Office

friends at office

Friends are very important in our personal life, but life wouldn’t be great if we don’t have friends at office. The friends at office make our life more balanced and less-stressing.

Office life or personal life, the mantra of making

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Blog: My Experience of Working In Night Shifts

working in night shifts

Working in night shifts could strain you physically and emotionally. Our reader Firaq Zafar shares his experience of working in night shifts. Then he was in his initial days of career, working in the BPO industry.

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Blog: The Myth of Motivation


I tell you a fact: ‘Motivation’ is the most abused and harassed word by our grumpy looking bosses and geeky CEOs. 

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How to Survive Office Life in India

office life

Lets accept the fact that surviving corporate life has never been easy for anyone. Corporate life can affect your personal life and mental health in a negetive way if it’s not dealt with wisely.



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