Living Life In Western Cowboy Style

Living Life: The Western Cowboy Style


After watching Western movies like Once Upon a Time in The West and The Good The Bad and The Ugly, one can easily get tempted to live life in that way, the way of bounty hunters and cowboys. But, the days of bounty hunters and cowboys are gone long ago, now we live in the world of fast moving automobiles and technologies changing daily. The idea of living life in Client Eastwood style or Charles Bronson style is just one of your daydreams. We, surely, don’t survive on the bounty hunting or the farming jobs. Today, we are doctors, professors, software engineers, marketers, sales guys, etc. We have no time for the reveries of living the life of horse riding gunslingers. But, this is the matter: we are fascinated with the fascination of living life in Western style.
Living life in Western style is nothing but living your subdued childish passion of the freedom of a bounty hunter or a cowboy.

SHOULD WE DREAM ABOUT LIVING SUCH LIVE: Of course, we should. It is about living life, living the life the you want. We should dream about it for the sake of the dream. I believe you are certainly not thinking about taking the gun and shooting the outlaws and the fugitives. We want to live this dream because of our rebellious attitude towards the society which forces us to follow all its confused norms. We want to live this life because we want to live our freedom.

CAN WE LIVE WESTERN-STYLE LIFE: Yes we can. There are thousands of lucky rebellious ‘outlaw’ of our structured society who are living this life. But you have to pay a price for this life. If it doesn’t demand complete sacrifice, it does demand hard compromises. Most of our modern day cowboys and bounty hunters are freelancers. Yes, they are. Some are freelance IT consultants, freelance journalists, freelance manual workers and so on. You also can be the CEO of your company and a cowboy at the same time; you just have to desire for it. Yes, not everyone can live a double life, everyone can surely try living a double life or a completely different life on weekends at least. Your rough old car can become the horse and a far-off tavern located in isolation can become your stay. Make some good friends, cranky ones too.

TERMS TO LIVE WESTERN-STYE LIFE: You may like this lifestyle out of fascination, passion, nostalgia or fondness of the American Southwest. But what really appealing you to live this life is your boredom and monotony of our current lifestyle. You somewhere want to escape from the city life, your weaknesses like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Giving up your smartphones, internet connection and social connections are definitely not the terms of living Western style. But the mastering these weaknesses and compromising with deprivation are the real terms of living Western style.

So if you are one of those whose daredevils who want to live life on their own terms, it is time for you to go ahead and live it. But yes, calculate your risks properly because it’s about LIFE and living it.

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