Life In Phulwari Sharif

If we avoid being poetic, the future of Phulwari Sharif is not very certain. Very high unemployment rate, poorly shaped industries, migration of youth are a few major challenges being faced by the city.

Life In Phulwari Sharif

Though the hope has reached the city with new emergence of societies and the colonies, the youths of Phulwari Sharif still prefer shifting to bigger metro cities. “I’ve done my B.Tech, have spent about 10 lack on it. Though I’ve a big house with a farm house here, I have to maintain my career and financial status. There is no IT industry, so I have to move to Bangalore,” this is what Tausif Shaikh said when he was asked about the future of Phulwari Sharif.

The youths of Phulwari Sharif are restless, they have lesser idea of what to do and how to make a life in the current situation of the city. Some are opening new coaching centers, some have opened new restaurants, some are still thinking of running a Cyber Café. It is after graduation when the youths are facing the most difficult time of their life so far. Till graduation Phulwari Sharif is a playground for them as per Tausif’s opinion.


Certainly, Phulwari Sharif is a favorable place, specially for Muslims across Bihar who find it a safe haven for themselves. It is also turning into a trap for some who don’t see much opportunity of employment.

But there are some people like Shamsher and Sajid who have made their fortunes out of nothing. Their parents were auto drivers and mechanics, but they decided to do something different. Now they are the proud owner of a restaurant and a Sweets Shop. They have a completely different story to tell: ‘I find Phulwari Sharif a changing place; it’s changed, it’s still changing. Now we’ve more people with buying capacity. I see more people coming from big cities and settling down here. This is the final destination for those who go to gulf countries for their livelihood. We’ve more schools, even some big names in private schools. New apartments are turning up, new colonies are being developed.’ This is how Sajid sums up the situation. He is very optimistic about the future of Phulwari Sharif.

Well, Sajid is surely not wrong. In Phulwari Sharif, markets are more crowded than before. New Shopping malls, cinema halls, schools and colleges have emerged.

AIMS Patna which is situated near Phulwari Sharif has a major share in changing the shape and condition of this area. Even NIT Patna, Patna Airport, Shusheel Plaza, 9to9 Mall, Maner Sharif and the other places and amenities which serve the purpose of life are not out of reach.

Apart from the amenities and facilities, Phulwari Sharif has also become the victim of a natural disease, it has fallen a victim of vote bank politics. Muslims votes are reserved only for one or two political parties, as Muslims don’t see another choice. The funds provided by government to develop Phulwari Sharif is being looted without any limit. As per the calculations of Muhalla Experts, only 5 to 10 percent of funds are being utilized, and the rest is going into the pockets of local politicians and government officials.

“Apart from maintaining a few cemented roads, the funds of crores are being looted shamelessly. And I blame none other than local Muslim representatives of Phulwari Sharif, who have sold their Imaan (faith),” 75-year-old Akbar of Isapur locality says.

In conclusion, we find Phulwari Sharif at a crossroad between Hope and Despair.

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