Life of Software Engineers in Bangalore

‘This blog is based on my crude knowledge and personal experience during my stay. It is not based on any research or official data. You may find some gramatical errors; your suggestions and feedbacks are welcome’


Once Bangalore/Bengaluru was known as Pensioners Paradise, today it has become the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is the first choice for the techies around the country.


Though the cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ahmadabad tried much to attract the techies of the country, they couldn’t beat Bangalore in this regard.


Bangalore is the IT city of India, and it may remain so for a longer period. Even today, many experienced or Freshers from the IT schools flock to Bangalore for a reason. But, the life in Bangalore for them is not as easy as assumed.


Since the beginning of the IT industry in India, that is about 10 years ago, names like Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji, and the Bansals have been inspiring the young minds of ‘Digital’ India.


Bangalore has also created a cult status for itself for its large population of Software Engineers. We hear people jokingly saying things like- if you throw stones in Bangalore, they will hit a dog or a techie. No offense!




As per my understanding, north Indian software engineers make about fifty percent of total population of IT industry in Bangalore.

While my stay in Bangalore, for the very first time I came across surnames such as Panda, Patra, Mohapatra, etc. By this, I could also make out that the population of Software Engineers in Bangalore has a huge share of techies from Orissa.


You will find Odia guys at almost every department; whether it is Security or Software, you will find them. And this is enough testimony to affirm that they are the real hard-working guys who demand your respect.


Apart from the Odiya techies, you will also see many techies from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi NCR. Since, they share similar surnames such as Singh, Shrivastava, Gupta, Prasad, Verma etc, it becomes difficult to identify their home states.


We don’t see much residents from Panjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, though.




Bangalore has accepted a huge population and culture of the other states. It could become possible because of the assimilating nature of Bangalore and its people.


Well, we cannot deny the fact that human beings come in different shapes and the temperaments around the globe.


If you come across a rude local guy there in Bangalore, you’d also come across locals who are very humble and gentle.




Language Issue in Bangalore:


A great thing about India is that it has hundreds of languages and dialects.


Language is something that we connect with our mother, soil, and friends. For most north Indians, Hindi is their mother tongue. Though they speak various languages such as Bhojpuri, Odiya, Awadhi, Panjabi, Haryanvi etc., they are equally fluent and frank in Hindi.


In India, English is nothing but a connecting language; a tool to communicate with others. Most Bangaloreans understand and can speak Hindi, but they are not very comfortable with it.

Some even dislike communicating in Hindi. Some would love to speak in Hindi. Some would prefer you to speak English. And, some would expect you to speak in their native language Kannada.


However, the Kannadigas are not as sensitive as their Tamilian counterparts when it comes to the language.


This issue of language will be with you for a longer period. When you approach a stranger for any queries, you stop for a moment to choose the language you are going to speak.


You may start with Hindi and end up with some sort of sign language. Most cabbies and auto-wallas are okay with Hindi.




A north Indian will find the south Indian dishes rather spicy. Idli, Sambhar, Wada, Rice Bath, Dosha, Bisi Bele Bath are a few dishes that are quite popular in the South. One can find these dishes at almost every hotel.


If you are new to Bangaluru and don’t understand what to order, order Thaali. South and North Indians Thaalis have similar items.


You will find non-veg dishes at separate hotels. Some Bangalorians are very sensitive about veg & non-veg menu. I found their non-veg dishes far better than those available in the north.


A guy will always struggle with south Indian dishes, even after 10 years of stay. Most North Indians prefer to cook Daal, Chawal, Shabji, Roti, etc. But, many bachelors also manage with Maggie, bread and boiled eggs.


Eating at hotels every day is not advisable, as it can affect your health and it also wouldn’t be any cheaper. For an idea, a simple dish will nearly cost you minimus Rs. 60, or more.




Bangalore has got the best public transport services in India. You can catch buses in every 5 minutes. The buses would be terribly crowded during the peak hours.

The ticket collectors or bus conductors are generally not very friendly; sometimes they may not return the changes (pennies), if not reminded. A north guy should always try to avoid messing with them.


Here is the point: You must keep a motorcycle if you’re serious about your job and your stay in Bangalore. The dependence upon the schedules of buses will make you crazy. Buses wouldn’t be trustworthy for office goers.


Also, the traffic condition is getting worse in Bengaluru with every passing year. During office hours (8am-10am: 5pm-8pm), it takes about 1 to 2 hours to cover the distance of 10 KM by buses.




Accommodations in Bangalore is a costly affair. But it also depends a lot on the localities. PG rates are about 6-7k, one BHKs are about 10-15k, and an apartment for minimum 40 lac. One can find the accommodation as per his/her pocket with the help if online services.




Bengaluru is one of the best places in India for job hunting. Non-IT guys also get a fair chance for employment in Bangaluru.


If you are not into IT/ITes, you must have good communicative skills in English.

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Try avoiding BPO jobs, though may appear lucrative. But eventually, they are not good for career growth. Also, this industry is not very stable. Nowadays they have reduced the pay scales too.


Go for sales and marketing jobs. They would be painful in the beginning, but they will give your career a better prospect.




The south Indian people are very fond of their culture and society. They generally avoid mixing or interacting with the north Indians; however, they are always humble and responsive if approached.

I’ve noticed, the south Indian girls don’t prefer western dresses and lifestyle, in general. They are also very fond of their language and cinema.

One can easily win their hearts by respecting their language and cinema. Most Bangaloreans can understand and speak Hindi, but only in necessity. There is no lack of fun & entertainment in Bangalore.

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