How to Quit Smoking Without Emotional Stress

Thousands of youngsters hold their first cigarette as they join their first day at the office. Millions have tuned into chain smokers just because of their corporate lifestyle. Perhaps, it’s time we should quit.


I have heard the stories of people who smoked 20 to 40 cigarettes every day, and lived up to a hundred year. Well, not everyone is that lucky. Smoking is certainly not good for health.



I’m not going to talk about the WHO’s data and scientific researches that show how bad smoking is. All I know is it’s not cool for health.

Smokers don’t live longer, even if you turn out to be lucky, and live a longer life, smoking would always be bad for your mental peace. No one smokes carelessly, without any worries about health.



I have asked many smokers if they fear the bad effects of smoking, surprisingly everyone said yes.

You see, no one smokes without any fears.
I’ve been a smoker for more than ten years. Yeah, I have not been a chain smoker, but I have been smoking for a longer period.

Sometimes one or two or three; I hardly smoked more than five cigarettes in a day. But a doctor will tell you the truth: it does not matter how many cigarettes you smoke, when the bad luck hits, you are gone.


So there is nothing like how many cigarettes are good or how many are bad for the health. Smoking is smoking, and it’s ‘real’ bad.




Many smokers think that they can quit smoking whenever they want, all it would take is a certain date and a strong will.

I say bullshit they talk. I have tried this ‘stupid idea’ many a time, and have seen many who have tried this- It just doesn’t work.

It works only for a week. Or, if you are really good at your ‘strong will’ it would work for a month. But, it just doesn’t really work.




Before learning about the master trick of quitting smoking, let’s get some knowledge about this addiction.

If there had not been any health concerns regarding smoking, smokers would smoke a hundred cigarettes in a day, and they would smoke every day, till the day they die in their old age.

Smoking gives a special ‘sensation’ when they smoke, smokers know about this ‘sensation’. This sensation makes you relax.

Since, I’m speaking to the smokers directly, who want to quit most probably, they need no explanations about this sensation.

But most smokers don’t realize one thing that this addiction is not just about this sensation to the brain. Addiction of smoking is more than this.

Holding a cigarette between the two fingers is an addiction, holding a cigarette with lips is an addiction, lighting a cigarette is an addiction, inhaling and exhaling the smoke is an addiction, even thinking about smoking is an addiction.

Now you see, when you quit smoking you quite all these addictions. And, if you think you can quit all these just by deciding a date with strong will, then you are certainly bullshiting.



To quit smoking you don’t need to be harsh on yourself. Fixing the date with a strong will is a too much of emotional distress for cigarette addicts.

The usage of emotional distress or detachment is not needed to quit smoking.
To quit smoking without hurting yourself emotionally, you got to keep smoking.

Believe me, you can quit smoking while smoking. If you want to smoke just now, go ahead. I’m not kidding. Go ahead. Go ahead and fulfil the need of your addiction.


Remember: holding a cigarette between the two fingers is an addiction, do it. Holding the cigarette with the lips with an addiction, do it. Lighting the cigarette is an addiction, go ahead, and light it. Sucking the cigarette is an addiction, suck the smoke in.

NOW STOP. Don’t let the smoke go down your throat. Don’t inhale. Hold the smoke in your mouth, and blow it out. I know you can do this.

Remember: holding a cigarette or lighting it is not injurious to your health, inhaling is. Remember, and believe me: the addiction of smoking is not all about inhaling the smoke into your lungs and feeling the ‘sensation’ in the brain. It is just a part of the addiction. It is the just 20% of the smoking addiction.


You should do this with every cigarette that you smoke, smoke but don’t inhale the smoke into your lungs. Believe me, because it’s tried and tested, not inhaling the smoke is not emotionally tormenting- it’s just befooling your mind.


When you don’t inhale the smoke over a period of time, your body and mind tend to forget he need of nicotine. Thus, the nicotine gets flushed out of your body and mind.

Once nicotine is out of your body and mind, you can congratulate yourself because you’d just need a child’s will to divert your mind from smoking.


Even if you continue smoking without inhaling the smoke inside, technically, you would be smoking with lesser bad effects.

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