How to Increase The Chances of Employment in India?


Unemployment has been one of the biggest challenges for India since its creation.

The situation of employment was grim seventy years back, and is today.

Though it is the government’s job to create opportunities for employment, and provide fair chances of employment to its people, but we can’t just sit and rely on our governments to bring us suitable employment all the time.

The competition factor is always present in private jobs, as well as in governmental jobs.

We cannot rule out the competitive nature of the corporate world.

All we can do is increase our chances of employment.

I must call a spade a spade. We Indians and our regressive mentality are to be blamed for this mess.

Well, here are a few points to keep in our minds to increase our chances of employment in the times of unemployment.


I met a poor guy, hit hard of unemployment.

He’s been preparing for various competitive examinations for about 5 years of more. I feel sorry for him.

When I asked for his opinion on getting a private job, he put his thoughts plainly and typically:
Private jobs are wasted.

There is no job security. No peace of mind. One always keeps working hard.

There is no respect in society and there is no sense of empowerment. There is no lifelong pension in private jobs.

And all the bullcrap we hear.

Sometimes these government job seekers sound so offensive and disrespectful despite being the victims of unemployment.

I got a private job, I work hard and pay my taxes and contribute to the society and the county.

Still, these government job seekers don’t value my existence and acknowledge my contribution.

I see these government job seekers apply for third grade governmental jobs while holding their higher degrees such as Masters and PhDs, etc.

What’s wrong with them! Do they want to live poor whole life just because governmental jobs get them lifelong pension and there is no fear of termination.

By the way, termination ration in the government sector is surprisingly low in India.

Guys, remember you have more chance of becoming rich and living a plentiful life while being and growing in private jobs.

So, please come out of the regressive attitude towards joining private jobs.


The private jobs are all about effective communication in the world of consumerism.

It is all about educating people about the products and services.

Thus, we should always work on our communicative skills.

English is the most effective tool of communication in India as well as in the world.

To increase our chances of employment we got improve our English skills.

We are not expected to be a pedant or purist in English, but better command of English will increase our chance of gettering a better job, and timely promotion.

I tell you the inside story of interview and recruitment world: the reason behind eighty percent of interview rejections is poor or ineffective communication.

The first round of interviews are nothing but the communication round of interview.

If you are not good at English communication, your chances of cracking the very first round of interview would be slim.

Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Aviation; you name it, it would always be difficult to succeed without good communication skill.


Most of youngsters make huge mistake in their academic life out of carelessness; one can’t blame them, it’s the age.

Students choose their subjects like psychology, sociology, political science, geography, etc., just to complete their graduation.

These subjects are great subjects, high standard subjects, indeed. But, are they career oriented?

I don’t think so.Thus, I would suggest students to choose these subjects only if they are going to do PhD or other researches in them.

There would be many other courses or subjects you can choose that are going to directly help your career, such as: Journalism, Law, Literature, Medicine, Hotel management and many other relevant subjects.


In eighty percent of the cases, students choose these subjects because their parents force them to choose.

Now in India we have an army of MBA and Engineering degree holders.

They are not crazy about these subjects; they are just jobless and frustrated.

Their skill and expertise is of low level; sorry to say that, but that’s the fact.

So choose your subject in your college life that you are crazy about; that will help you in a great deal for whole life.


It makes me really sad when I see candidates let many job opportunities go just because they were offered less salary.

And thus time passes on and frustration takes over them.

It is never late to switch for a better job. So don’t wait too much for your perfect job; get a job first and think later.

I have seen many cases where guys join boring jobs on small salaries, but after a time they get promoted and enjoy hefty salaries.


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