How to Deal with Bossy Colleagues

We face many challenges after joining a new company. One of those challenges is facing the alienating and aggressive behavior of the old employees.

Even in general, we confront many bossy or dictating colleagues. We will have to face them, there is no other way out.

Please note: Bossy colleagues are not monsters, they are just normal employes like us. They work hard and love their families.

Some of them, you will find, are the warmest people you would ever come across. Maybe, it is our competitive workplace or social-cultural environment that we regard them as evil people.

But, sometimes it becomes very hard to cope with such personalities. And, unless you are trained to deal with such people, you may become a victim of mental agony.

Bossy colleagues are detrimental to any healthy organization. Persons in authority, such as CEOs, managers, team leads, etc., should always keep an eye on such bossy employees.

Such employees generally create a negative environment in and around the company by creating humiliating, discouraging, and stressful situation.

The owner of a company can easily confuse such employees with the employees with ‘leadership’ qualities.

We must understand the difference between a bossy employee and an employee with ‘leadership’ abilities.

It is as easy as differentiating between leadership and dictatorship. Dictators are not at all good leaders, all they bring is destruction.

Well, we all ‘nice’ and ‘good’ employees sometimes find ourselves sharing our work with dictating employees. We initially try to get away and find a new colleague, but it wouldn’t be just possible.

Maybe, because your boss wouldn’t like it or you would blame yourself for this.

Here are a few tips to deal with your bossy colleagues:


And don’t retreat. Dealing with a dictating colleague is dealing with a war. But the good thing is that this war is nothing, but a part of your office or corporate life.

Always try to neglect those demands and orders which are not in a form of a polite request. Once you are done with neglecting the demand, the bossy colleague will express his displeasure.

And that displeasure is your victory. Your enemy will finally surrender after the neglection of four to five demands.

You will see some sudden changes in his behaviour. He would be friendlier and open with you.

Confronting your dictating employee is a courageous job. By doing this one would be risking his/her career, reputation and character. But confrontation is very important.


Or someone whom you report. No, don’t make a direct complaint, but just pass the message.

Let your boss know that you may need a different colleague to team up with or you would need to be in a different team itself, and reason behind this is the unfriendly traits of an employee or colleague.

The mode of such communication with your boss should be a written one rather than a face to face meeting.

If you think you cannot change your colleague or your team, go ahead and make a mild complaint. Your boss will surely react to this, and he will react quickly. Well, this should be your last resort.


A wise and smart employee will always go for a non-violent way to neutralize an enemy at the workplace.

You should try or act to be more friendly, fun loving, and caring towards the dictating colleague. Buy him a drink or light him a cigarette.

You can read my blog How To Make Friends at Office to know more about winning friendship. Once, your enemy colleague starts seeing you as your friend whom he can trust, your mission is accomplished.

My best colleague I ever had was my bossy colleague once. Later, he became a great friend and, as I said, best colleague.

He was such a great colleague that when he quit the job I missed him terribly, and out of this emotion I also decided to quit.

Well, this much of emotion is never advised. Turning your bossy colleague into a great friend is easier than you think. Try it.

So friends, these are the tips that you can apply while dealing with a dictating employee. These tips surely bring positive outcome.

But, if you think you’ve already tried these methods, and failed, it’s the time you should quit the workpace. But remember the mantra: never, if possible, quit the job before securing another job.

Hey, you also can share your experience, personal tips and tricks in the comment box. That would be just helpful and exciting.

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