How to Become A Good Manager Or A Team Leader

A time comes in our career when we get a chance to become a manager or to lead a team. This time is one of the most important times of our corporate life, and we got to be serious about it.


This time is not just a crossroad in your career, but this time also gives you a new identity.


Once you become a leader or a manager, you got to change a lot of things you are used to.


You cannot think, behave, or express like before. Some of the experts will tell you to be just ‘you’ or what you are. But, you cannot remain the same person. After becoming a manager or a team leader you are supposed to change yourself or change things around.

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Some knowledgeable gurus also say that managerial or leadership traits are something people are born with. They say it would be a disaster to entrust a person with leadership or managerial duties, if he is not a born leader. This is bullcrap!


Every One Can Become a Manager or a Leader


My personal experience: I used to think that I couldn’t become a manager or a leader because I was not born with leadership skills.


Remember– How you behave, express or communicate in your office depends a lot on your surroundings, and the people around you. You may feel like you don’t have those fancy or aggressive leadership qualities in you.


You talk like a timid guy, or can’t ask others to follow your instructions, or your colleagues don’t take you seriously, etc., then it means you are not in a right environment: the office environment is not positive for you. I was in such environment once, and when I changed it, I became a new ME.


Well, I guess, you are reading this article because you are about to be promoted or have already become a manager or a team leader. So, let’s see what needs to be done to become a good manager and remain a good one:


  • Listen Like a Generous King:


You seriously got to get this habit of listening to others. It is one of the basic requisites to build good relationships with others. Listening is not just listening. It is something different, it’s an art.


You may not agree with someone to something, but when you ‘listen’, you create a healthy and a positive atmosphere around you where everyone feels like being heard.


‘Being heard’ is a positive experience. And, thus you improve your relationship with the listeners.


  • Don’t Threaten and Behave Aggressive:


I’ve seen many bosses threatening their employees in disgusting ways. Threatening employees or subordinates is a cheap and weak act. Whenever my boss threatened me, I felt like asking ‘ dude, what the hell wrong with you! You can just ask me to resign.’


If you threat your workers or behave aggressive with them, then this means something is seriously wrong with your personality. You are never going to become a popular boss.


You may imagine that you are popular but you will indeed find yourself among the sycophants. And you know sycophants are enemies in disguise.


  • Encourage Your Team:


One of the most beautiful things a manager can do is encourage his team and people around him. Encourage them to bring in new ideas, encourage them to communicate more, encourage them to participate in various activities.

Encouraging is a friend’s act. Encouraging is sportsmanship. The best time to encourage someone is when the person is in bad times.


  • Show Trust, Be Thankful:


Never ask your employee, ‘can you do this?’. Be smart enough to judge your employee’s ability before assigning something.


Tell him, ‘I know you can do this. You might not have done this before, but you can do this. I’m there with you for any kind of support.’


  • Follow Discretion More, Rules Less:


Don’t be a geeky manager who cannot see his/her path without the policies, rule and regulations, and set traditions. Let them know that ‘this’ is the rule, but ‘your discretion’ has got more values, and I’m not a ‘robot’ manager.


  • Be Brave Enough to Admit Your Mistakes:


Only good and brave managers admit their mistakes openly. They also apologies, and seek apologies if needed.


  • Be Always Ready to Learn:


Good managers always try to learn new things, especially from their team members. Anyway, learning is a lifetime process, and it cannot be halted at any cost. But learning with juniors and team members is one of those factors that make you a good manager.

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