How Should Be My First Day At Office

How Should Be My First Day At Office

Your first day at your office is one of the most important days in your office.

The way you spend your first day at the office says volumes about you that will be surely noticed by your seniors.

It is a day when you would be watched and judged.

This is the day you would feel the most vulnerable in the office.

It is a day of dizziness, confusion, misunderstanding and boldness.



The first day is the day of procedures and formalities.

These procedures and formalities can be a lengthy process; it depends.

On the very first day you might be assigned to the job you are hired for, if those technicalities are done in a shorter time.

The procedures and the formalities are basically some paper works.

You would be asked to sign various forms and submit your valid documents.

The document verification job can also start from this day.



A serious candidate should take his first day on the job as one of those interview rounds.

Except, this is just a formality round of interview which doesn’t have reject button.

This day requires all your alacrity and smartness that you had shown on the interview day.

Your employer may allow casual dresses at the workplace, but on the first day at the job you are supposed to be in formal dresses.

Since on this day your induction will be taking place and you will be meeting many of your seniors and colleagues, you will be taking any changes of bad impression.


The induction is nothing but an introduction session with various teams and departments one would be interacting with.

The induction schedules and minutes are taken care by the HR team. These meetings are generally short and brief.

The induction sessions have the same purposes of general introductions.



Yes, you will be assigned the job on the very first day. You are not supposed to take this assignment lightly.

You will pay complete attention and execute the job.

At the end of the day, the output shall be judged by your senior or the manager you would be reporting to.

Do not dilly dally on the first day.

Some candidates may think that this day is a day of relaxation, but no, it’s not.

Give you 100 percent on this day on the job.



Of course, you will not be finishing your day before the office time, say 5 or 6 o’clock at any cost.

You are supposed to extend your day or work until your boss calls you in his cabin.

He will have a brief discussion and will ask you to finish your day.

If you think you have to leave by anyhow or you are getting delayed for some reasons, go to your boss’s cabin and speak to him.

Tell him that you would need to leave now; he’d be fine with it.

Most importantly, wear your smile for the whole day.

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