Got My First Job- What Should I Do After Getting My First Job

What Should I Do After Getting My First Job

For fresh graduates, getting a job is becoming a big challenge day by day. There are a few things that new joiners should keep in mind. Otherwise, the struggle that you have done before getting the first job will go in vain.

There are youngsters who don’t easily come out of their college or school lifestyle. But the corporate world is not a lenient one. It pities no one. It’s is quite opposite to the school/college life.

Let’s see what we should be careful about after the first job:


1 Mind Your Business

After getting a job, one should keep one thing in mind that you have been hired to make a profit for the company.

The company has hired you because it thought that you would bring profit to the company.

Employment is all about making a profit and sharing the booty. So, please remember to mind your business. Work really hard and seriously.

If you fail to bring profit, you will be FIRED. Good companies don’t carry an employee as a burden.

2 Don’t Look for a girlfriend or a boyfriend

So again, it’s not your college or school. Emotions and relationships are discouraged in the corporate world.

This is why many companies have this policy of not hiring relatives in the same company.

One should not take one’s workplace as a place for flirting. If you see a beautiful girl in your office, be nice to her, talk to her, but don’t dream about her.

Bosses don’t like guys who flirt in the office or woos girls. They sometimes crush the budding love just by firing any one of them.


3 Follow The Office Rules

The offices have got a set of rules, they are not as open and wild as the schools and colleges.

You got to log in at the assigned time. You cannot leave the office before the assigned time.

They may ask you to wear formal dresses, and you can’t ignore that. You should not be lazing around. You got to be respectful to your seniors.

And yes, no cuss words (f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, wh*e, etc.) or sexist remarks would be tolerated.

Also, stay away from the politics, religious or the topics that may sound controversial. Controversies are not appreciated by the corporate world.


4 Kill The Emotions

Do your job, take your salary and go home. Don’t get emotionally involved with anyone or anything at your office.

Ignore those who mess with you personally. Never show anger, and never ever CRY because of your work. And yes, if things are getting Too Much, the doors are always open.


5 Make a Job Switch

Job switches are healthy as long as these are done wisely. Staying at a place for a longer period is always appreciated. But, if you are conscious about your career growth, don’t overstay.

If you are liking the work culture, getting a competitive salary, and your home is near your work location, stay unless something really better comes your way.

Be mindful of your years of experience and the salary mismatch.


6 Get Rid of The Toxic Guy

Every workplace has got a toxic guy. He/She is filled with lots of the toxins inside.

These are those losers who don’t succeed or let others succeed in their career.

They are generally loudand talk unintermittently. They tend to humiliate and discourage others in front of everyone.

They are also jealous, so jealous that they can’t even hide it.

7 Don’t Get Terminated

Don’t ever get terminated. Never do things that can lead you to this trouble of termination. Be honest to your best. Termination is bad.

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