Blog: My Experience of Working In Night Shifts

Working in night shifts could strain you physically and emotionally. Our reader Firaq Zafar shares his experience of working in night shifts. Then he was in his initial days of career, working in the BPO industry.

It’s a fine morning. Sunny, windy, and quiet enough. The Neem tree, shaking in the blowing wind, makes me feel relaxed. Damn… Why, I feel as though I’m just a 12-year-old kid. My father is hanging the wet clothes under the sun. It gives me a great sense of security whenever I see my father around. I see my mother on the roof doing her chore; down here I see her as a guardian angel. This morning… it’s just fine. A few minutes later: I hear a squealing noise. What is it? This sharp, weird noise makes me fear. I’m afraid. I’m terrified, indeed. I’m going to lose everything now. Ah, this noise…
‘Son, it’s just fine. You’ll be alright,’ my father says as he looks calm.

‘I think, I know this noise. It makes me sick.’ I recognized this noise.

‘You’ll be alright, just relax,’ my mother said.

I know this noise, it comes every morning and ruins my day, and takes away everything from me. It’s my ALARM. Now- I’m in a completely different world.

It’s nine in the morning, and I’m in the office. You see, I’m always on the time; I’m punctual. Wait, I see my boss already logged in and bogged down in his computer. I don’t know when the hell he logs in. Some say at seven o’clock in the office and four o’clock at the home. Get a life, Mr. Boss. Well, I think he’s got one. Who knows? His work might be a cricket test match for him; by the way, he just loves test matches. Once he had said about a work topic: it’s as interesting as a test match between Zimbabwe and Kenya.

‘Zafar, a quick meeting after you’re logged in.’ And thus he bulls**d my day. After logging in, you can’t wait. Let it be over as soon as possible. He says a lot, but a few words I get clearly: escalation, daily reports, client call, not satisfactory, got to work hard, results, etc. And a few words I utter in my head: nonsense, what the hell, s**, bulls**, f** this s**, etc.

‘You got it.’

‘Yeah, got it, sir.’ In my head: can I f** off now?

‘Any question?’

‘No, sir.’

Well, there are some questions. They have remained unanswered for long. And, someone’s got to answer them for sure. Question number one: What the f** am I doing here in this office? Question number… f** leave it, there are many.

Well, I had a beautiful dream last night. Let me think about it, until it’s lunch time. After lunch I’ll try to figure out how to become a farmer; I’ll Google it.

So, you see my friend, his is how my days go on. I was supposed to raise goats, sheep, cows and buffaloes; but here I am, selling IT products and services. For the sake of a few rupees, I’ve sold my dreams and decided to be a corporate slave. I’m lucky enough to go to my bed and have those lucid dreams; many have sold their sleeps. I see people, ‘dead’ people, awake in the nights.

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