The Best and The Worst Job Search Engines in India

When it comes to hunting for a job, we run through all the job search portals available on the internet.  Those who are not a part of Talent Acquisition or Human Resources have got limited ideas about the job portals that are really going to help them.


I’ve been working as a recruiter for about 5 years, and I have been associated with many recruitment firms. I know which job portals are going to serve the purpose in needs, and which are going to just waste your precious time. Now I am going to talk about a few job portals which are really important in our job hunting.

For Indian job seekers, is the most reliable portal. It has, indeed, got the biggest database of jobs and the applications from the candidate.  If you are looking for a job, and you don’t have your profile on you are just not serious about your job search. has got lots of features and it is so user friendly that you don’t even need any premium service. It’s reliable for job searchers, as well as for the recruiters.

Whatever domain or industry you work for, you got to have your profile here. We recruiters know one solid thing about is that candidates may not have their CVs anywhere else, but in While uploading profiles on candidates should not worry much about filling all the industries, domains, sub-domains, etc., they should worry about using more and more valuable keywords. Only your keywords decide the performance of your profile in any job portals. If you are getting lesser calls as compared to others in the same industry, then you may not have used your keywords properly.

Another advantage of is its security features. Also, the subscription of for the recruiters or recruitment firms is much higher as compared to other portals. This also makes frauds stay away from Naukri’s costly affair. or just has been the second largest job search portal after is a trusted brand and used globally. Monsterindia is the Indian division of Like, this also has got lots of security and other performance related features.  But again, this is the second largest job portal that comes after in India.

A serious job seeker must have a profile on, because lots of recruitment firms locally and globally are using the trusted brand of Recruiters also love to use this because it has got a huge database of CVs, and it has cheaper subscription plans as compared to

One should also use, if he/she is looking for on-site or foreign job opportunities. Because Monster is the tool, international recruiters would be using for recruitment. I would also recommend Monsterindia specially for IT professionals. Those who are in heavy industries and high paying sectors such as oil and gas, should have their CVs uploaded there. is a venture of trusted media house The Times Group. This job portal has been in the market for a long period now. It has survived the competition from and Thus, this job portal is just a survivor, and doesn’t help job seekers in a greater way, practically. had created its huge database in its initial days with lots of advertisements, but today it’s advertisements have restricted itself in its own media house.

There are various recruitment firms in small cities that are using this portal for recruitment only because of its cheap subscription. So, in case you are looking for job opportunities in small cities like Patna, Bhopal, Jaipur, etc., you should give a try. is venture of another Indian media house Hindustan (HT) Media. They did a great job in advertisement department, but it has almost failed to lure job seekers.  Its subscription is so cheap that it has become one of the greatest tools for scammers, fraudsters, tele-callers and small time recruiters.  I would suggest caution to job seekers while using it. I have not received any genuine job calls or mails from  Freshers usually get attracted to to increase their chances of employment. If you are not using you are not losing anything. is a different type of job portal. It has got an international branding. It is very user friendly, and it can create a CV on its own in a little time. Though, you can upload your CV too in doc or pdf format. Since it is free, it has become a tool of scammers, fraudsters, tele-callers and small time recruiters too. Local or small cities’ recruiters use this tool for local vacancies. But, don’t expect to receive lucrative job calls and emails from big companies.  Despite its international branding, big companies are not showing their trust in But, I hear in news that is doing great jobs in its branding and marketing department.  As of now, relying on is a waste of time indeed.


There are other names in this list such as BABJOBS.COM,,,, etc. But I, being an experienced recruiter, will not suggest job seekers wasting their precious time on these job portals.

Job hunting is already a difficult phase in anyone’s career; job hunters should not distract themselves by uploading their CVs here and there unnecessarily.


There are new startups coming out nowadays with their job portals. But until they come out with some unique idea, and will not let them survive.


The latest case I can mention is of By its name, you can guess it was all about placing candidates at better places based on their Notice Period values. But, it was a bulky idea and it failed. The owners of this portal tried to make it a normal job search portal by naming But it could not survive too.


So friends, you see job market is all about survival and struggle. Good Luck to you!


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