An Owner’s Review of Bajaj Avenger 150cc/220cc Motorcycle

Are Bajaj Avenger Motorcycles the Best Cruiser Motorcycles We Can Have In Indian Market?


There are two types of motorcycle lovers in the world: those who like sport motorcycles, and those who love cruiser motorcycles.  Those who love cruiser motorcycles are, indeed, the real motorcycle lovers; others are just the freaks, they like everything.An Owner’s Review of Bajaj Avenger 150cc/220cc Motorcycle

When you bring home a cruiser motorcycle you bring an obsession. You bring a part of your life altogether.  These motorcycles don’t just take you to one place to another, they carry other stuffs too: your personality, your life statement, your ego, your presence and a lot more.

I’ve been seeing motorcycles since my childhood. I see them on roads, on television, on newspapers, etc. But, when I was a cruiser motorcycle I saw me. I said to myself: this is the think I want.

Riding a cruiser motorcycle is a feeling; a feeling attached to some sort of philosophy.  It is also like relishing the creation of a poem.

Cruiser motorcycles are not all about comfort; for comfort we have our cars. These motorcycles are about liberation. They liberate you. The liberation, we all want.

Unfortunately, in India we don’t have many of these liberation machines. They are either too costly or ‘not real’ cruiser.

But fortunately, we have Bajaj Avenger motorcycles.An Owner’s Review of Bajaj Avenger 150cc/220cc Motorcycle

Bajaj Avenger motorcycles are the only motorcycles that fit the scenario of the cruiser motorcycles meant for India. There are various reasons to choose Bajaj Avenger motorcycle for a cruiser:



Bajaj Avenger motorcycles are the only motorcycles that look like the real cruiser motorcycles. You see an Avenger motorcycle and say, it is a cruiser motorcycle.  They are long, low-slung and the most comfortable motorcycles. Most importantly, they look strong and powerful, and they are indeed.

In India, if you want motorcycles of this design and style, you might need to spend as much as 12 to 16 lac. Because, Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, UM Renegade, etc., don’t come cheap.

The other so-called cruiser motorcycles, in India, don’t really look like cruiser motorcycles. Yes, I’m talking about Royal Enfield motorcycles. They are just the commuter motorcycles of the 1900 era. Today they are being sold as the cruiser motorcycles, but we cannot call any motorcycle with metal body a true cruiser motorcycle.



We Indian motorcycle lovers don’t need 1000cc motorcycles at all; it is as simple as that. A 500cc is also too much to carry, because we are Indians. We don’t take out our motorcycles once in a week or a month. We also don’t keep them to show others as an ostentatious object.

Also, we Indian most of the times cannot ride above 80km/hr. In India, we don’t get petrol cheap. We are mileage obsessed for a reason. Bajaj Avenger motorcycles come with 150cc & 220cc engines. And, they produce enough power to beat Himalayan tracks. With these engines, you can even ride longer distances without worrying about refueling.



Bajaj avenger motorcycles are almost maintenance free. They are built for rough and tough use. Their parts don’t break and fall easily, because they know what Indian masses want.

Then we have Royal Enfield motorcycles, these motorcycles need to be cared like a baby. We do love our motorcycles like our babies, but we don’t really like changing their diapers. These motorcycles have got to be maintenance free.



Bajaj motorcycles have got the most basic but important features that true cruisers got to have. Their tires are wider for better grip. Their seats are the best Indian riders can have till date.

They are not uselessly heavier. They are windblast resistant due to enough weight. They have good body with the combination of metal and plastic.

They have enough space to stretch the legs. They don’t vibrate even after 100km. They provide a great balance on the road at any speed.  The disc brakes work like a charm; the motorcycle doesn’t get imbalanced due to hard braking.

Unlike some Royal Enfield motorcycles, Bajaj Avenger motorcycles have fuel indicators, other digital indicator and disc brakes. That means you would not miss anything on a longer ride. You will feel well equipped.



The Bajaj Avenger motorcycles come under or about one lack rupees. And, nothing can be a better deal than this for this price.  The other so-called cruiser motorcycles in India are insanely over priced, and they don’t even worth it.

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